I’ve just received news from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine that I’ve passed my Diploma in Tropical Nursing! I’m so happy and I just wanted to thank you again for your help and to pass on my thanks to Mr. Wildenberg for his generous grant. I appreciate the help so much.”

Recipient of the Anne Wildenberg award. This award supports a paediatric nurse’s continuing education

Thank you again for the Grant I have been awarded – I am absolutely delighted.”

Recipient of the Ann Baker award. The Ann Baker award is given to League members whose study will enhance the profile of King’s nurses

Thank you so much for your contribution to a worthwhile learning opportunity.”

Recipient of an award from the general funds

I am delighted that you have supported my Clinical Doctorate studies with a further award from your funds. Your support is much appreciated.”

Recipient of the Sister Judith award. This award runs over a 2-year period and is awarded to a student undertaking a higher degree

Thank you again for your kind generosity which has enabled many nurses, including myself, to develop and progress in our nursing careers.”

Recipient of the Marjorie Speechley grant. This award is linked to orthopaedic nursing

I would like to thank the King’s College Hospital Nurses’ League for the support they have provided in my professional development throughout my career as a King’s nurse. I remain very excited about my future career as an emergency nurse practitioner and clinical researcher.”

Recipient of the Cyril and Cathy Stretton Scholarship for postgraduate study in Emergency Nursing

The skills and experience from this course (particularly from my diverse international colleagues) will inform and guide my future work in the UK and overseas. Thank you so much again – it means so much to me.”
Recipient of an award for cancer-related post-graduate study from an anonymous donor