As soon as the Covid crisis hit the news, members of the League wanted to do what they could to support the King’s Nurses, doctors and other staff providing such dedicated care to patients.

King’s was often in the news and we saw video footage of the immense workload they had to cope with. There seemed little we could do, but from the very beginning we have supported them as we could. We sent a large consignment of tea, coffee and hot chocolate in March 2020 before other providers had got on board with donations, and have sent two further deliveries of essential provisions before and after Christmas. These donations have been distributed by Committee members to staff at the Denmark Hill and PRUH sites.

We were also glad to sponsor the purchase of a text book which was given to all second year student nurses who had worked on the wards in the first lockdown, to thank them for their willingness to step up and to support them through the remainder of their studies.

We have supported the chaplains with items needed for the Chapel.

We have provided friendship and contact through phone calls, letters, emails and Zoom calls to many of our older members during this year when many of them have been isolated from family and friends.