Your contribution towards my counselling costs have helped me return to the workforce, I could not have done it without your kindness and support – along with the financial help – like a fairy godmother.”

This kind thought from the League meant a great deal to me and went some long way in keeping me cheerful and positive whilst persevering with those painful post op exercises.”
Following a delivery of flowers

Very many thanks because I would not have been able to remain in my own home without the stairlift or able to shop without the mobility scooter.”
The Benevolent Fund made a contribution to the cost of a mobility scooter and stairlift

I wish to express my very sincere appreciation of the grant I have received from the Benevolent Fund for the replacement of my bath seat. It is a great source of help and pleasure to be able to soak in a warm bath, easing both my arthritis and severe heart problems, both of which limit my mobility.”

We could not have got to the reunion without the League paying for a taxi.”
A delighted member was also able to attend a set reunion following help for a taxi from the Benevolent Fund

Thank you so much, voucher received today. It’s so very kind, and I know what I am going to get – it may sound strange but I am going to buy thermal top and bottoms as it’s really cold at the vaccination centre, windows are open and I really freeze there sitting, mixing the vaccine and giving it. They have great thermals in Marks and that will cover the cost. So please thank everyone for keeping me warm whilst vaccinating.”

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you all for the wonderful support that you have given Mom over the years and tell you how grateful we have been more recently. It’s not only been a comfort to know that people are thinking of Mom but also the financial gifts are a great help as times are very tight here.”

From a grateful daughter of a member
And from the member: “I so value your messages and phone calls”.